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Severe Strapping Video Clips-

Featuring superstar spanking idols such as Audrey Knight getting real belt spankings!

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Audrey Knight is given three different straps across the arm of a chair (from the much talked about 'Time Has Come' video in which Miss Knight stole Dallas' three minute timer and was subsequently caught 'RED HANDED' in Los Angeles. .SUPER SEVERE! Very rare footage of Audrey Knight crying real tears from a spanking like she has never experienced before - along with a new 'nasty' rubber implement supplied by just in time for this spanking of epic proportions.

8 minutes and 32 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Audrey Knight- 3 Severe Straps $10.99



Raven comes back from Italy and it is found out she tried to steal a Prada purse. See a razor strapping that has this fashion model in tears and bruises. This was a REAL DISCIPLINARY PUNISHMENT given to an ex girlfriend That is simply not to be missed! Her TEARS were REAL... Her lesson learned her reactions PRICELESS! She is NOT into spanking... or discipline. This spankings will proove that!

4 Minutes 15 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Raven Strapped in Black $5.99

Scarlet is severely spanked with some HEAVY STRAPS for getting 15 parking tickets and putting them in her glove compartment instead of paying them! HEAVY STRAPPING FANS REJOICE!

10 Minutes 48 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Scarlet's Tickets Strapping $11.99

Coming back at 2am without so much as a call gets Scarlet a series of seriously HARD PUNISHMENT SPANKINGS! An assortment of straps and then a braided belt are used, that has her crying and pleading for it to be over!

7 Minutes 1 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Scarlet's Strapping and Belting $8.99



Dr. Snow comes back for her first spanking after acheiving her doctorate. In this video clip, she is put face down on an ottoman with her dress slacks pulled down. She is given a super hard spanking with a razor strap (on a Vitamin E soaked bare bottom.) This intense spanking leaves the doctor calling out for assistance 'stat'. Ever wanted to see your professor spanked? This is the video for you!

4 Minutes 52 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Melting Snow- A Razor Strapping $5.99

Scarlet is bent across the bed for a super LONG AND HARD spanking with a strap - made especially for this punishment. She cried long and begs like you won't belive for this intense strapping to be over!

8 Minutes 33 seconds


Product Description Cost  
Scarlet Strapped Across the Bed $9.99



The amazing bottom of Yevonne ( an exclusive girl only seen here!) Is given a hard spanking with a folded handled strap! AMAZING! Did I mention her BUBBLE BUTT?

4 minutes 20 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Yevonne- Folded Handled Strap $5.99

Our BUBBLE BUTTED Yevonne is given a razor strap. leather paddle ( from great angle! ) and red rubber stinger!

3 Minutes 35 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Yevonne- Razor,Paddle, & Rubber Strap $4.99




Our lovely little "Juno" is brought to me by her real life boyfriend for discipline. This is a TEAR FILLED RAZOR STRAPPING that will have you holding your breath. What real STRAPPING is about!

3 minutes 30 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Juno- Severe Razor Strap $4.99




Juno is laid out and tied down. She is shown the antique thick leather belt. There is no disguising the pain on her face or the tears on her cheeks! As REAL as it gets!

2 Minutes 41 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Juno- Severe Belt Spanking $3.99


Sierra is tied down for a real punishment session with multiple implements! This has straps. paddles & even a cane used. First time she cried from a spanking recorded here!

10 Minutes 08 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Sierra Salem- Multiple Implements Session $10.99

With a timer in hand. Abigail is made to bare her bottom for a SERIOUSLY SEVERE STRAPPING! She is informed that if she dropped the timer of her hand position the strapping would continue and harder!

9 Minutes 06 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Abigail Whittaker- A TIMED STRAPPING $8.99



Abigail is put face down for a pair of my most menacing straps! She has e-oil applied and then given 15 HARD ones with each as she counts out " One sir....two sir..." There is some great facial reactions in this one and great close ups!

7 Minutes 57 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Abigail Whittaker- Severe Straps $7.99

Tiki has been acting up all week. I decide to tell her to bend over the couch as I bare her. I whip off my belt. I give her a HARD belt whipping that has her crying. I did not see the proper contrition as she rubbed her bottom. So I bent her across a chair and start all over again!

9 Minutes 14 seconds

Product Description Cost  


Tiki made the mistake of driving home from work DRUNK. What her bare bottom get a non stop SEVERE STRAPPING with a PRISON STRAP. Her bottom actually swells during this STRAPPING!

8 minutes 30 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Tiki- Drunk Driving Prison Strap $9.99



Coming Soon

0 Minutes and 00 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Coming Soon $0.00




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