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Samantha Woodley, Sierra Salem,

Abigail Whittaker, Amy Aveline

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Samantha Woodley is given a SEVERE REAL DISCIPLINARY Spanking! This is the long and very needed bare bottomed hand spanking that had her squirming across my knee. He bbonze legs kicking as my hand lands with a deafening sound over and over. One of the best otk sessions you will see! AWESOME!

9 Minutes 12 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Samantha Woodely - Real Disciplinary Hand Spanking $10.99

A REAL DOMESTIC disciplinary spanking for not cleaning the house. This is as hard a hand spanking you will see Sierra Salem ever get!

10 minutes and 01 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Sierra Salem - A Real Disciplinary Spanking $10.99

The beginning of a very seriously SEVERE hand spanking! When Abigail is dragged in from the pool...bottom bared this is such severe hand spanking... her skin breaks. That is severe!

6 minutes 08 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Abigail Whittaker- Severe OTK 1 $10.99



The second part of her e soaked bare bottomed blistering. She squirms,moans, grimaces only to receive a blistering She will never forget!

4 minutes 16 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Abigail Whittaker-Severe OTK 2 $4.99



The finishing sequence that you see the devastation up close at the end. Another super hard hand spanking. The she is made to pull up her tight panties and pants with her bottom to the camera. Man was she sore!

7minutes 08 seconds


Product Description Cost  
Abigail Whittaker- Severe OTK 3 $7.99



Amy Aveline is severely spanked for failing to follow the rules and code of conduct at Billy Bob Joe Bob's House of Chicken Fried Ice Cream. She is made to put on the server's uniform. Then she is spanked HARD while in assless chaps!

8 minutes 08 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Chicken Friend Faux Pas 1 $6.99



Amy Aveline's spanking in assless chaps is hard ,fast and furious. She cries until a puddle forms in front of her. TEARS LOVERS REJOICE! You will want to see this tearful spanking!

6 Minutes 44 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Amy Aveline- Chicken Fried Faux Pas 2 $6.99



This completes the HARD SPANKING! There are great face shots....a severely bruised bottom. SUPER HARD SPANKING! What else could you want?

Product Description Cost  
Amy Aveline- Chicken Fried Faux Pas 3 $6.99



Kat St. James made the mistake of taunting Dallas openly on the internet. She finds out this is a huge mistake! When she shows up in a "Dallas Spanks Soft" T-shirt with his face photo shopped into a kittens body. She finds out what a HARD HAND SPANKING CAN BE!

6 Minutes 06 Seconds


Product Description Cost  
Kat St. James- Blistered for Taunting $6.99




Coming Soon!

0 Minutes 00 Seconds


Product Description Cost  
Coming Soon! $0.00


Lil Meow is sent to me by her parents as opposed to an expensive boot camp. She agrees to take the spanking I give out. WHAT A SPANKING IT WAS! People are still talking about this punishment. See the REALISTIC judicial style Hand Spanking that has her promising to be good! Dallas doesn't stop until she is blistered!

7 minutes 49 Seconds


Product Description Cost  
Lil Meow- A Hand Spanking Instead of Boot Camp $8.99



From our smash hit 'The 5th Kind'. Nikki Rogue feels that because she is a gymnastics coach, she doesn't have to pay her parking tickets. When her card was booted. She came to me for a serious, SUPER HARD hairbrush spanking and a real burner with my hand! This was Nikki's first taste of this kind of spanking in her entire life!

10 minutes 04 seconds


Product Description Cost  
5th Kind- Brush and Hand OTK $9.99



From our SUPER CUTE and nostalgia based DVD smash ' I Dream of Janie' First Janie makes the mistake of making boiling hot coffee instead of strong coffee for her master. She gets burned OTK for it. Then is a second sequence. Janie put 'Hair of the Hare' in his coffee causing him to grow a moustache in the middle of a meeting at NASA.


12 minutes 03 seconds

Product Description Cost  
I Dream of Janie- Two Hand Spankings OTK $12.99

We meet our gorgeous girl for the first time. She has a famous racer father fed up with her antics. Sent to Dallas for a good bottom burning!

8 Minutes 03 Seconds



Product Description Cost  
Amy Aveline- Racer Red OTK Hand 1 $8.99



The second spanking for the bare bottomed Amy. She looks SO HOT in her car show uniform! Those who LOVE TEARS will adore this spanking!

7 Minutes 05 Seconds


Product Description Cost  
Amy Aveline- Racer Red OTK Hand 2 $7.99



I finish of the tearful Amy Aveline. Her bottom was so hot and red. I give her another hard hand spanking....then blister her to tears with an acrylic paddle!

10 Minutes 34 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Amy Aveline- Racer Red OTK Hand and Acrylic Paddle $9.99



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