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Here you will find the best over the knee hand spanking clips! Lots of beautiful girls brought to real tears! Enjoy.

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Nena Dove lost her job as a belly dancers at Dallas' friend's restaurant. This is a booty shaking dance and hand spanking you won;t soon forget!

15 Minutes : 30 Seconds in Length


Product Description Cost  
Belly Dance's Discipline- Hard Hand Spanking $14.99


Dazey Ranes comes to the church of funk-n-spankin' to be accepted by Father Dallas. He informs her that she took too long to be obsolved and must be purged severe penance. For this confession...a bottom bruising hand spanking!

11 Minutes : 57 Seconds in Length


Product Description Cost  
Penance For Punishment- Hand Blistering $13.99


lucy spanked

The super cute spinner Lexi Lee is recieving her first ever punishment spanking! Her vanilla days are behind her as she sobs loudly from this HARDhand spanking!

11 Minutes : 20 Seconds in Length


Product Description Cost  
Spanked Spinners 3- Lexi Lee Tearful Hand Spanking $10.99


occupy protest spanking

Waking up face down, bare bottom up. Joel Barros finds out she is in a Spanko Camp and will be subjected to spanking for sedition. She has many questions for the evil agent. Over his knee is where her nightmare begins.

7 Minutes : 57 Seconds in Length


Product Description Cost  
The Department of Spanks Hard Security - Hand $6.99

'Rawhide 2'- Stevie Rose's hand Spanking Super cute country singer Stevie is given a super hard hand spanking over the knee of Dallas.

8:17 Length


Product Description Cost  
Rawhide 2- Hard Hand Spanking $8.99


Before she was Samantha Ryan! Abby was a stand-in in a TV Show I worked on. Watch her get a first ever spanking with straps, paddles & a HARD hand spanking before corner time!

17 Minutes : 16 Seconds in Length


Product Description Cost  
Abby-Samantha Ryan- First Spanking- Multiple Implemnets & Hand $16.99


lucy spanked

'I Spank Lucy' Episode 5- 'The Show' Lucy finally gets to be it the show. Watch the hilarious results of the 'Congas of Love' With the pirate and the mermaid.

5 Minutes 12 seconds


Product Description Cost  
'I Spank Lucy' Episode 5 $5.99


occupy protest spanking

Spank Sympathizer - Hand Spanking- Sophie Nova as bank sympathizing reporter Errin Burnitt gets an over the knee spanking that should make the 6:00 news!

13 Minutes


Product Description Cost  
Spank Sympathizer Part 1- Hand $12.99

Samantha Woodley otk Smack Wrap Part 1 -After over two years away from the lime light. Samantha Woodley is given a great welcome back OTK hand spanking. (Segment from our smash hit- 'Smack Wrap')

6 minutes 08 seconds


Product Description Cost  
Smack Wrap- Hand $6.99



nikki rouge spanking

'I Spank Lucy' Episode 1: 'Cold Breakfast, Hot Buns' When Lucy makes the mistake of pouring coffee in Ricky's lap when he wouldn't let her be in the show... she gets a bare bottomed hand spanking and paddling with a butter paddle.

13 minutes 44 seconds

Product Description Cost  
'I Spank Lucy' Episode 1 $13.99



otk spanking clip

'I Spank Lucy' Episode 3: "Cow Tipping' When Lucy forgets to have the milkman's tip ready. Lucy is prepared to provide the tip in the 'agreed' fashion. Good thing Mr. Spankhardo suggested this method to Brandon of the White Cow Milk Company.

6 Minutes 15 seconds

Product Description Cost  
'I Spank Lucy' Episode 3 $6.99



'I Spank Lucy' Episode 4: 'Dog Gone Discipline' Lucy had wanted a dog forever. Ricky always said "no". Lucy found a dog that needed a home and arranged Ethel to deliver it ( for Ricky's birthday...except it wasn't his birthday) When Lucy tells him she named him 'lil Ricky', he warms up to him. Guess what else got warmed?

12 minutes 19 seconds

Product Description Cost  
'I Spank Lucy' Episode 4 $12.99



lauren spanking video Vivian Sweet is Taken over the knee for a severe hand spanking from Dallas This spanking was for real reasons in her personal life that she wished addressed.

5 minutes 40 Seconds

Hard OTK Hand Spanking

Product Description Cost  
Vivian Sweet Hand Spanking $5.99



spanking video clipsNatasha OTK hand spanking from Rude Girl Returns.This is a good as it gets. The hand spanking super hard on the bare that has her crying puddles just seconds into this amazing spanking!

17 minutes 40 seconds

Rude Girl Returns For Hard Otk to Tears

Product Description Cost  
Natasha- Rude Girl Returns OTK Hand Spanking $12.99




lauren spanking video Lauren the fitness instructor had been overcharging her personal training clients and is given a series of OTK hand spankings followed by three separate NUDE razor strappings. (over a table, standing against a wall and finally bent over a bondage bench. 17 minutes - Hard Body Spanking Clip

Product Description Cost  
Lauren Spanking Video $14.99



spanking videoSpinner Jerzi Lynn is taken over the knee for some serious hand spanking- bringing her to tears almost immediately. Beautiful blonde with lots of facial reactions.

11 minutes 9 seconds - Jerzi Lynn OTK Spanking To Tears Clip

Product Description Cost  
Jerzi Lynn Hand Spanking Video $9.99



kat otk spanking video Wet Kat Hand- Kat St. James is taken out of the bucket and spanked OTK. She thought that it would be cute to say " now I can take a nap" which she seriously regretted later!

10 minutes - Wet Kat OTK Hand Video

Product Description Cost  
Wet Kat Hand $9.99

shannon spanking video

Shannon Kelly - fitness instructor broke her promise to workout daily before a big competition. She is given three OTK hand spankings followed by a series of implements that include, leather paddle, two wooden paddles, razor strap, conveyor belt strap, and prison strap. Fitness Spanking Clip

18 minutes 17 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Shannon Spanking Video $14.99


amelia spanked nude video The gorgeous Brit and tall drink of water Amelia Jane Rutherford is stripped naked, scolded and given a seriously severe, first ever real disciplinary spanking with my hand. When I add the stinging gel later, tears are a given in this amazing spanking clip!

10 minutes 18 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Amelia Jane's First Taste of Discipline $10.99

girdle spanking video

Rude Girl Natasha is given her first ever OTK hand spanking by Dallas. I start smacking her bottom hard, as her cheeks are pulled together by the butt bra. I then yank the form fitting wardrobe down to continue on her completely bare bottom.

5 minutes 50 seconds- Punished Latina Clip

Product Description Cost  
Natasha Hand Spanking $5.99



bare spanking video When the gorgeous Crash comes to Dallas for real reasons in her personal life. She is taken in hand and methodically slowed down so that she can feel the true burn of "burnout" This time with bare bottomed OTK spanking!

7 minutes 06 seconds - Crash OTK Hand Spanking Video


Product Description Cost  
Crash & Burnout Hand $6.99



sophie hand spanking video

While on their honeymoon Dallas & Sabrina leave 'Sophie in Charge'. Her devious short comings leaves Dallas no choice but blister her round rump with his hand. Humor meets hard spanking!

15 minutes 45 seconds - Sophie Bare Bottomed OTK Clip

Product Description Cost  
Sophie In Charge OTK Hand $12.99



brandon summers spanking When Sophie writes a company check while Dallas & Sabrina were away to pay for a pool party. The Pizza Guy walks in on Sophie's spanking. She ordered another pizza even though she knew she would be spanked. The Pizza guy gets to collect his tip!

8 minutes 18 seconds Brandon spanks Sophie Clip

Product Description Cost  
Sophie Nova meets the Pizza Guy $7.99



zoey doll hand spanking

Cross Fran Drescher with Angelina Jolie...what you get is Zoey Doll! Watch her writhe and promise! Her bottom swells as her spanking continues with the timer set! You would want this girl spanked too!

5 minutes 08 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Zoey Doll- Hand Spanking $5.99


audrey knight punishment

Audrey Knight is given the HARDEST bare botomed spanking of her life! 6 Minutes 36 Seconds

Product Description Cost  
Audrey Knight Hand $8.99




carissa bare bottom Carissa is brought by boyfriend Roger for real discipline. This is as real as it gets! With hard hand spanking, tears galore and a swollen bottom for this cutie. 14 minutes

Product Description Cost  
Carissa Hand $15.99


martina warren maid Penthouse Magazine Penthouse pet of the Year Martina Warren is spanked wearing only rubber gloves, pumps and a frilly apron. Very Sexy!

5 minutes 17 seconds


Product Description Cost  
Martina Warren Hand 2 $6.99



martina warren bikini

Martina Warren is spanked in a bikini on a very sore bottom! Hard hand spanking for this cover girl!

5 minutes 9 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Martina Warren Hand 3 $6.99



real spanking punishment As real as it gets! Liz Cain is brought to me for discipline. She thought hand spankings were not real punishments but comes away with another idea after this!

4 Minutes 13 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Liz Cain Hand $5.99



penthouse model spanking

Martine Warren is spanked bare bottomed in work-out attire. This roasts her bottom and leaves it marked for days!

3 minutes 27 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Martina Warren Hand 1 $5.99



amber pixie wells Talk about sexy and SEVERE! Amber Wells is bent across the work desk and blistered by Dallas' hand as she cries real tears! A real treat for boss and secretary lovers.

It doesn't get any better! 7minutes 15 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Personal Secretary Hand 1 $8.99



burlesque spanked

Eden Wells dressed is a burlesque dancing wardrobe.. She is given a bottom bruising spanking that leaves this fair skinned lass....with a crimson ass

6 minutes 16 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Eden Wells- Hand Spanking $7.99



hard spanking video clip The SUPER NAUGHTY is back in 'Wee Spank'. The opening story which has the naughty Nikki Rouge not listening to the 'Dallas Rules' while playing video games! A super HARD Spanking as well!

10 minutes 01 seconds


Product Description Cost  
Wee Spank 1 $9.99



nikki rouge spanking

The timer is turned on and you witness another 3 minutes straight of a super bottom burning. You will love her sassy attitude and the reactions!

5 minutes 37 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Wee Spank 2 $5.99



otk spanking clip As she beats her had against the ground she wiggles and swears the timer is BROKEN... The longest 3 minutes periods of her life!

5 Minutes 17 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Wee Spank 3 $5.99



The finale spanking! Her bottom is BLISTERED already. The timer is set by her... I really lay into that athletic bottom! You will see her pain and contrition in a cute after interview. Her booty shake is worth the price of admission!

10 minutes 47 seconds

Product Description Cost  
Wee Spank 4 $10.99





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